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Browse through our case histories to see real-life examples of Alocit in use around the world

Problem Solving

A two-page introduction to the Alocit coating system

Sweating pipes

Corrosion on cold pipes in a warm humid atmosphere meant surfaces were streaming wet

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Coating wet surfaces

Coating immediately after water jetting saved 50% on application time for this SBM

Long-term government testing

Tests over six years by German government on Alocit samples in the North Sea

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Coating in the splash zone

Problems with the original coating on this gas rig were solved using Alocit in the splash zone

Alocit bund coating

Preventing containment areas from leaching oil and other toxic substances into the environment


Gulf Splash Zone

A history of nearly 20 years using Alocit on piles and port infrastructure along the Gulf Coast

Pipeline Repair

Replacement of old and failing tape wrap system using Alocit in humid tropical conditions

USS Detroit Application Report

Low temperatures and difficult surface prep. on Navy Combat Support Vessel

Rail Bridge in Winter

Alocit was used on freezing wet steel when melting ice on blasted substrates prevented the use of standard coatings

Pile Coating

Alocit has a long history of successful applications on marine infrastructure

Waste Water Plant

After 30 years, tests showed that original Alocit coating was still in good condition

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