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Tried and tested ...

Alocit coatings have a rich history of problem solving in all corners of the globe, they are consistently top of the tables in comparison tests on problem substrates. When Technip FMC and their client, Husky Energy, were looking for a coating to apply on their FPSO, Sea Rose, they organised a trial of three short-listed coatings - one of which was Alocit. Alocit travelled up to Newfoundland to oversee the subsea application in waters below 5°C. Alocit was the clear winner of the trial, significantly outperforming rival coatings.


Tests by the US Navy after coating in bilge areas showed adhesion beyond the range of their testing equipment and 28.15 is one of only three coatings to be listed by the US Army Corps of Engineers as meeting its specifications for application on wet surfaces. Comparison tests for Shell on cold, sweating pipes in Texas showed Alocit’s clear superiority and testing for use after water-jetting produced adhesion results nearly twice as good for Alocit as its closest competitor!

Alocit products have a record of successful applications. Testimonials and case histories show that coatings applications from 1968 are still intact well into the 21st century - despite a lifetime of exposure to aggressive waste products. Have a look at our case history page to read more.


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