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Safe & easy to use

Alocit is a two-component epoxy and, when you look at our containers, you will see warnings about safe transport and use of the product components contained within them. In their unmixed state, the resin and activator should be handled with care, as indicated in the product data, to avoid spills and contact with skin - which can be sensitised by epoxy products. But, as there are no solvents in Alocit products, mixing and use of the components does not result in the release of volatile compounds and, once mixed and cured, Alocit products are virtually inert, non-toxic and safe to use in the most fragile environments.

Alocit products are easy to use. Despite their high performance, no specialist techniques or equipment are required, they can be hand applied using a brush or roller, spray applied on dry substrates and, using the same simple equipment, can be adapted to provide pumped brush application for larger areas underwater.

Many underwater products are more like a paste than paint, requiring gloves and specialist application techniques. Not with Alocit, it goes on as easily underwater as it does in the dry ... you can even mix it in the can, take the can and a hand brush underwater and apply straight from the container ... just as you would if you were painting your garden fence.


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