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Hard wearing ...

When you spend time preparing and applying a coating, you want it to last. With Alocit you get industry-leading abrasion resistance and durability with records showing more than thirty years protection in aggressive waste-water conditions, regular use in ballast tanks on Navy vessels and on marine piles around the world, where hard use is an everyday occurrence.

Not only is Alocit extremely durable but its adherence to the substrate is outstanding - even when used underwater, on wet surfaces or in cold conditions. Tests in the UK on freezing rusty steel beams using a hand brush in pools of water from melting ice still returned pull off values in excess of 900 psi - and this wasn't from failure in the coating, it was the glue holding the test dolly that failed.


Strong adherence to the substrate plus exceptional hardness make Alocit the coating of choice for longevity.


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