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Coating underwater ...

The most common reaction to the concept of coating surfaces underwater is first to express amazement that it is possible and then to ask why anyone would want to. As for ‘why’, we will come to that later but when it comes to ‘how’, the answer is simple - use Alocit.

What is amazing about using Alocit underwater is the ease with which it can be applied. It can even be used straight from the can with a simple hand brush or, for large areas, cost-effective pumped systems are available. On wet areas too, such as splash zones and sweating pipes, Alocit products make coating easy, adhering strongly and providing excellent anti-corrosion protection - they can even be applied to oily surfaces!

So, why would you need to coat underwater or in the wet?

High humidity and cold surfaces mean condensation; if you don't want to shut your plant down, you have to be able to apply to wet surfaces. Harbors and marine facilities around the world have to protect their infrastructure, if your steel piles are thirty years old and rusting away ... do you paint them or replace them? Don't want to dry-dock your vessel? Alocit means that repairs and underwater coating damage can be repaired without resorting to extreme or expensive measures.

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